Fine dining doesn’t always mean restaurants require fine

Query: We went to evening meal past night in one of the nicest restaurants in town. I discovered that some folks have been dressed in outfits that seemed considerably less than acceptable for great dining. Some girls wore “short shorts” accented by very tight-fitting tops. Other diners proudly exhibited their tattoos. I also noticed that age did not issue as folks in numerous age groups wore inappropriate apparel. Must eating places promote a gown code?

CALLIE’S Response: There are eating places that do have to have a dress code. Most costume codes are stated on their internet websites and are enforced upon arrival. Hopefully it was a fantastic meal and you relished finding dressed up.

LILLIE-BETH’S Reply: Just very last month, NBC’s “The Currently Show” highlighted incredibly considerate column by “Mister Manners” Thomas P. Farley about this, noting that restaurant dress codes have been coming back slowly but surely — with “more of a whisper than a shout.” As a single California cafe operator set it, they are “very flexible” about how attendees interpret their expected “casual elegance” dress code simply because it is a lot more about diners producing the effort than it is following guidelines.

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