Not take the business card for granted

Not take the business card for granted

It is essential for manufacturing companies to use marketing strategies to expand their brand. Fortunately, the Internet has paved ways for them to reach more people than in the past. This post will present the top 10 marketing ideas that manufacturing companies can consider to help expand their business.


Advertising, which is a technique that was used when businesses were created, makes sure that the name of their product is made known to people who have never seen or heard about it. The introduction of the Internet has given more ways to advertise to potential buyers. Ads can be a very effective way to generate leads even if they come in the form of a website, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, LinkedIn, influencer sponsorship or a magazine.

Business cards

Nowadays, businesses prefer to use digital advertising, social media and events as their means to advertise but they should not take the business card for granted. It helps to have something physical to hand out to prospective buyers when networking – is an advantage, since people tend to keep it and look at it more than an email. Printing companies usually give deals for ordering business cards in bulk and make use of templates to allow the design process to be more streamline unlike before.

Press release publication

If the flat nuts manufacturing companies have a new product or upcoming event that they wish to announce, they can opt for press release publication as a great marketing idea. Press releases make sure that they can add important and relevant information they wish to include in a media publication, and these are structured in a simplified manner so that journalists can have easy access to them. Press release publications streamline such a service to let journalists browse for submitted content that they like instead of going through their email to gather news.


Infographics are great in delivering information to existing and potential customers. The attention of viewers can be easily drawn to information with the help of clear text, bright colors and interesting drawings. Based on studies, it is easier for the brain to process images than text, and during these social media times, online users like to share infographics more than regular text articles.

Share product samples with potential customers

Any flat nuts manufacturer could give sample products to their customers to try before committing to buy. A gesture such as this will earn the trust of prospects, increase customer satisfaction and show confidence in what they sell.

Post at social media during the best times

Businesses should search on the best time of day when their target audience often use social media. Posting at social media during this time can help in increasing customer engagement and brand recognition. There are analytics in sites such a Facebook that show when their target audience is online and this is the best time to schedule posts.
Tailor to the target audience

Tailoring to potential customers is probably the most important of all, since it makes sure that the companies target users who are most likely to purchase their products or services. When they know their demographics, the websites and social media platforms used plus their interests in general, these can help the flat nuts manufacturer present content that best suits what they want and need.

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