Proper Business Attire

Proper Business Attire

Proper business attire is important, most of the time the person next to you who, was better dressed, will get the job.

Whether in a home business, a fortune 500 company, or even McDonald’s proper business attire is a necessity.

The reason for proper business attire, is that you want to set the impression that you are willing to invest money in to yourself to show that you are worth a million dollars. You looked well groomed when you do this.

Now granted if you are running an at home business, of course you do not have to dress like your a multi million dollar CEO, however, it still wise to wear the proper business attire when meeting people in the public. You want to look well groomed in public, not looking like you just woke up and still in your pajamas. Now while working at home it is very comfortable to be wearing a t-shirt and shorts, or those plaid pajama pants we all have.

No matter where you are in the business world, you still want to be comfortable, just do not become to comfortable at the expense of losing your job or career.

When looking for a career with a major corporation, or fortune 500 company, you should have a nice suit to wear, and not something from Wal-Mart, or K-Mart. Go and spend the money at The Men’s Warehouse, or Dillard’s or someone who specializes in proper business attire.

Let’s say you are looking to work as a cashier at McDonald’s, of course you do not want a suit and tie and expensive business shoes to wear to the interview, that will give you the look of over qualified. The reason is why are you going to wear $2000 of business attire to work at McDonald’s unless you are going in to management from the get go, or working for their Corporate Dept. This is where $40-$60 of business casual attire is acceptable.

The way to fully prepare your self for an interview or an important business meeting is as follows:

1. Take a thorough shower.

2. Brush Teeth.

3. Put on an antiperspirant or deodorant.

4. Get dressed, nice suit or if not, a undershirt, and nice button up dress shirt, nice slacks, and nice dress shoes.

5. Put on a light cologne or perfume.

6. Groom hair, if necessary go and get it cut to look clean and groomed.

7. For the guys make sure you are clean shaven, if not completely hairless. Most companies these days do not permit facial hair anymore, at least not in corporate America.

Try very hard not to smoke before going out to the interview, if you have to smoke, do it before your shower that way this is all washed away leaving you fresh and clean smelling. If your car smells like smoke use Febreeze to kill the odor as you do not want that odor on you as you are going to the interview or that important meeting. With this make sure you use a good mouth wash as well, and even chew a pleasant smelling gum before you go in, just make sure to spit it out. Do not drink anything but water, as water does not stain and if you spill it crank on the heater in the car and you will be good, or just walk outside if you are living where its always hot, it dries right up.

Remember wherever you go all dress in proper business attire, or proper attire period, to make yourself look and feel good.

There is an old saying the better you look, the better you feel, and the more you gain. If you look like a million dollars, then you feel like a million dollars, and may even be worth a million dollars. Take the time and invest in yourself.

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